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Why is Wikipedia So Wrong About Islam?

Ever since high school, I have been cautioned by my teachers that wikipedia is not a good source. It is very possible for something on there to be inaccurate, or for something crucial to be omitted. After all, it contains information that can be edited by anyone. Certain articles and statements don’t contain good references, or any references at all for proof.

At the time I write this, there is a statement on novelist Gillian Flynn’s wikipedia page that some people have criticized her for being misogynistic. Having wondered what kind of people would think that, I looked at the referenced source. It was an article on the Guardian, just stating the same exact thing. There were no quotes, no mention of who specifically said that, nor any other further explanation. Although a reputable website was referenced, even that website had evaluated no further on the statement. Just because a contributor to the Guardian says something, that doesn’t mean it’s true.

But that kind of error is not even very significant. There are entire sections of articles which are completely inaccurate. And by that, I am referring to the wikipedia pages about Islam.

Of all the things I have seen on wikipedia pertaining to Islam, I can verify only a few of them. There are a lot of things in Islam that are debatable, even among different sects within Islam. But female genital mutilation is not one of them. Just like the Jewish tradition, Islam forbids it. According to the geniuses on wikipedia, it is encouraged by Muslims. Male circumcision, however, is a practice in Islam that is highly recommended, if not required.

Here is a link to an answer by Osama Eisa, a young Arab-American imam, on the topic.

He says that “There is nothing in The Qur’an or the Sunnah that supports, suggests, or even mentions let alone approves this disgusting practice.” However, despite being a male, he would almost certainly agree with the “double standard” practice of male circumcision. Here is a Muslim guy who supports male circumcision and acknowledges how disgusting female genital mutilation is. Now how is that difficult for a non-Muslim to imagine? Unfortunately, it is. Thanks to the likes of wikipedia editors who go out of their way to distort the average reader’s perception of the religion.