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Controversial Opinions

Sometimes, internet forums can be very amusing places for discussion. It is like people can say whatever they want. On one website, I came across a thread where somebody asked what was the most controversial opinion that others had. As far as I remember, almost everybody who answered with one thing that was outrageous. In one case, somebody had mentioned something to the effect of being supportive of pedophilia. And they all seemed proud of it. It was like they were trying to brag about having an opinion that was more outrageous than anything anyone they knew would agree with.

But consider the following. Imagine you have somebody who is very:

  • Pro free market
  • Pro-life
  • Anti LGBT – Supportive of banning gay marriage, for example. Believe it or not, people like that still exist.

But also:

  • Believes in climate change
  • Supports legalizing marijuana
  • Supports mass immigration.

What would you think of somebody like that? Clearly, having controversial opinions can have more to do with a combination of ideas rather than the individual ideas that you believe in.