Why the Adhan Should Be Banned in Non-Islamic Countries

For those of you who don’t know, the Adhan is the call to the Islamic prayer for Muslims. I would consider myself to be someone who practices Islam with devotion. But I am also against blasting the Adhan from mosques in most non-Muslim majority countries. It has come to the point where Muslims in places like the United Kingdom and the United States are demanding to use loudspeakers for the Adhan from their local mosques. Unfortunately, there are now even places in the United States where the Adhan is blasted on loudspeakers, for everyone to hear.

The Adhan should be banned in countries that Muslims are not native to, especially if loudspeakers are used.

a) Loudspeakers are not a part of the Islamic tradition. Long ago, the imams recited the Adhan from the minarets (towers) of the masjids in Islamic civilizations. That was before loudspeakers were invented. Most people could probably hear the Adhan from outside, a good distance away from the masjids. But it almost certainly wasn’t nearly as loud then as it is now.

b) Loudspeakers are invasive, and last at least several minutes. The sound can often easily be heard from everywhere.

c) If a Muslim really demands to hear the Adhan, then he or she can just move to his or her own country. If that is not possible for whatever reason, there are many other options such as Egypt, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and many more.

d) Muslims are not small kids. Thus, they should be able to keep track of prayer times without having somebody else remind them that it is time for prayer. The call to prayer is only a superfluous thing appropriate for an Islamic majority nation (not county, town, or neighborhood). It is not a requirement to practice Islam.

Many Muslims bring up the ringing of church bells as a justification for blasting the Adhan. But the sound of church bells usually lasts for no more than a minute or two. Also, the adhan is much louder when loudspeakers are used.

There is no “Islamophobia” associated with banning loudspeakers. They create an annoyance that can only escalate disdain for Muslims. Forcing people to listen to the adhan will also not force them to like Islam or to dislike it less. Or to put it shortly, you cannot make people like something through forced exposure.

It is worth noting that Islam majority countries and countries where Muslims have later migrated to aren’t the only ones where the Adhan is publicly recited. There are few countries with large Muslim countries, like India and Israel, that also allow the local mosques to recite the Adhan for the general public to hear. I don’t see a major issue with the public recitation of the call to prayer in these cases. That’s because those countries are old world countries with very large Muslim populations native to those lands. The Muslim populations in those areas have been around for just about as long as, if not longer, than the non-Muslim populations.


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